Stefanie Lindorfer

Stefanie Lindorfer

Plant seeds and God will grow them into what He needs.

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  Beauty is my passion in life, and I seek to find it in everything.  As an artist I aim to represent not only its outward appearance, but its inward significance.  My inspiration comes from the tiny seed that reminds us that order to grow, it must first be placed in the dirt, covered in darkness, and struggle to reach the light.  My sixteen year career as a hairstylist has provided me with a creative outlet to express this passion with others, until the day of 08-21-2017 during the Solar Eclipse.      

  Every year I plant sunflowers to bring joy and happiness to others last year I timed my planting so that they would be blooming during the only Solar Eclipse that I will see in my lifetime.   During totality, I witnessed the power of the Son.  It is so strong that in harmony they all slowly bowed their heads down as darkness fell upon them and when the light emerged, together they turned and faced the brightness once again.  For me, that celestial event was deeply spiritual and humbling.  It was also the day where all of the adversity that I had experienced leading to that moment had finally circled back around, and in the year that has followed, I have begun to see Gods purpose for it in my life.  I spent the duration of the eclipse taking pictures with my cell phone and was blessed to capture this photograph.  To me it is a priceless gift which should be used for the purpose of helping others in need through planting seeds with my story of amazing grace. 

  The date of the Eclipse was 8-21 and since then God has been guiding me to that number with the number 8 and usually there are two of them.  It is not coincidence that my birthday is 7-28, but rather divine appointment.  In the Fibonacci sequence of life, I now understand that God represents the #1 and I see it everywhere and often wonder if it has always been there but that I was walking through life with my eyes closed and was blind to it.     

  My mother tragically took her own life when I was fourteen.  Two years later, my father gave me up for adoption.  After spending 18 months in foster care, I "aged out" of the system and quickly became homeless.  Lacking the education, resources, and skills necessary to survive, I became destitute which brought me to Knoxville where I was blessed to cross paths with a few beautiful kind hearted people who helped me thrive and asked only that pay it forward in return.  It took years of struggling           

  I was twenty eight years old when I realized that my experience was a gift from God to provide me with compassion to help children in need and soon after that realization I purchased my home lovingly named "The Shire" in Fountain City, Tennessee where seven of those children began to move into the house across the street.       


   As a child my father would read bedtime fairytales to me and my sister about magical far away places, but my favorite story was the Hobbit.  It was very special to him so he would come alive with overly exaggerated animation as he read in order to captivate our imagination.  I would drift off to sleep dreaming of the lovely Shire where the beautiful flowers flourished on the green rolling hillside.  I was eight when we moved to a small town on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi just a few blocks away from our local grocery store named the Sunflower and that was where I first learned of this majestic flower that could grow like a beanstalk way up high into the sky.  Soon after that I won first place in a children's competition that they held for coloring one along with a $10.00 prize, and a picture of me next to my masterpiece which hung on the wall for almost two months.  From that moment on they became my happy thought.

    When I was twenty-six years old my father and I went on a journey seven thousand miles away to New Zealand.

  Two years later, I purchased my home (lovingly named the Shire), and began planting sunflowers.

  Often times in the midst of adversity, we cannot see the beauty of Gods plan through the clouds in our eyes, but his promise to us is that when it all circles back around we will understand and give thanks and praise.  



Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream,

and a House.

To Be Continued...




Bloom Where You Are Planted

Solar Eclipse 08~21~2017